Which City Has Most Michelin Star Restaurants?

The Michelin Guide is an annual restaurant guide which awards the best restaurants with a star rating. It has become one of the most prestigious and sought after ratings for restaurants, and is considered a major influence in the culinary world.

The Michelin Guide is also a great indicator of which cities are home to some of the best restaurants in the world. In terms of cities with the most Michelin Star restaurants, Tokyo currently holds the top spot.

Tokyo is home to an incredible selection of fine dining, haute cuisine and traditional Japanese cuisine. The city boasts over 230 restaurants that have been awarded at least one Michelin star, including 12 that currently hold three stars – the highest rating possible. Tokyo’s diverse range of cuisines, from traditional kaiseki to modern French-Japanese fusion, make it a great destination for food lovers.

Paris follows closely behind Tokyo as the city with the second most Michelin Star restaurants. Paris has earned its reputation as one of the culinary capitals of Europe thanks to its abundance of classic French dishes and famous eateries. The city boasts over 200 Michelin starred establishments, including seven that have achieved three stars.

New York City is another city renowned for its vast selection of excellent eateries and superb dishes from all corners of the globe. With almost 130 Michelin Star restaurants, it is no surprise that New York City is considered one of the best food cities in America. From classic American steakhouses to high-end sushi bars, there truly is something for everyone in New York City.

London rounds out this list as another major culinary hub in Europe and home to some world-class restaurants. London currently has almost 100 establishments that have been awarded at least one star by The Michelin Guide, including two that have achieved three stars – making it an incredibly competitive market.


When it comes to cities with the most Michelin Star Restaurants, Tokyo takes first place with over 230 establishments awarded at least one star by The Michelin Guide. Closely following Tokyo are Paris with 200 starred establishments, New York City with 130 starred establishments and London with almost 100 starred establishments respectively.