Which City Has the Most Michelin Star Restaurants?

In the culinary world, there is no higher honour than receiving a Michelin star. For more than 100 years, Michelin has been rating restaurants and awarding their highest accolade – a Michelin Star – to the best of the best. A single star indicates a very good restaurant in its category, while three stars signify “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”.

It’s no surprise that cities around the world are vying for the title of having the most Michelin starred restaurants. While Tokyo currently holds the record with an impressive 226 restaurants, other cities are quickly catching up.

In Europe, Paris is well-known for its impressive food scene and it is no surprise that it boasts the second highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants with 137. London follows closely behind with 113 starred venues. Other popular European destinations like Barcelona and Vienna both have more than 30 starred restaurants.

On the other side of the world, Tokyo continues to remain at the forefront with its incredible selection of high-end eateries. The city boasts nine three-starred restaurants and over 200 one and two-starred venues which makes it an unrivalled destination for fine dining.

The United States is also making its mark on the culinary map with New York City taking top spot as having the most Michelin stars in America. The city currently has 74 starred restaurants, many of which have held their stars for years.

It is clear that Tokyo continues to dominate as having the most Michelin star restaurants in the world with 226 venues. However, Paris, London and New York City are all close behind making them great destinations for those looking to experience fine dining at its finest.