Which Food Is Famous in Chitradurga?

Chitradurga, a district in the state of Karnataka, is known for its unique food culture. The local cuisine of Chitradurga is a mixture of North and South Indian dishes, with influences from the nearby states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The most popular dish from Chitradurga is the Akki Rotti, which is a type of rice-based flatbread made with rice flour, onions, green chillies, and spices. It is usually served with chutneys or curries and makes a great snack or breakfast item.

Another famous dish from Chitradurga is the Jolada Rotti, which is made using jowar flour and spices. This type of roti is thicker than Akki Rotti and has more flavour. It’s often served with curd or pickles as an accompaniment.

Other popular dishes include Koli Rotti (a type of flatbread), Bajil (a type of porridge), Kesari Bath (saffron-flavoured sweet rice), and various types of dosas such as Neer Dosa (lacy crepes made from rice batter) and Benne Dosa (butter-laden dosas).


Chitradurga also has an abundance of sweets that are popular among locals. The most popular sweet dish from Chitradurga is the Mysore Pak, a soft sweet made from gram flour and clarified butter. It’s usually garnished with cashew nuts or almonds to add texture and flavour.

Other popular sweets include Karjikai (deep-fried sweet dumplings served with jaggery syrup), Obattu (a type of flatbread stuffed with coconut-jaggery filling), Puttu Kadubu (steamed dumplings filled with coconut paste) and Rava Laddu (sweet balls made from semolina).


Chitradurga has some truly unique cuisine that showcases both North Indian and South Indian flavours. Popular dishes include Akki Rotti, Jolada Rotti, Koli Rotti, Bajil, Kesari Bath and various types of dosas like Neer Dosa and Benne Dosa.

Popular sweets include Mysore Pak, Karjikai, Obattu, Puttu Kadubu and Rava Laddu. All these dishes have become synonymous with the region’s cuisine over time making them famous in Chitradurga.