Which Is Famous Food of Assam?

Assam is a state in North-eastern India, and it has a distinctive cuisine that is characterized by its use of local ingredients. The state is known for its abundant fresh produce, and its cooks have devised a range of flavorsome dishes that make use of the region’s natural bounty. The most famous food of Assam is the traditional Assamese thali, which includes rice, dal, vegetables, fish or meat, and a sweet dish.

Assamese thali is typically served on a banana leaf and it includes steamed rice with accompaniments such as dal (lentil curry), torkari (vegetable curry), tenga (a sour fish curry), various types of chutney, and pickles. The most popular accompaniments to the thali are small dried fish called khorisa, which are fried and added to the dish for flavor. Other accompaniments include boiled eggs, fried aubergine slices, mashed potatoes with garlic and onions, and roasted chillies.

Til Pitha is another famous Assamese delicacy that is made from sesame seeds and black gram paste. It is shaped into small cakes with fillings of jaggery or coconut before being steamed in banana leaves. Til Pithas are usually served during festivals such as Bihu or Rongali Bihu.

Masor Tenga, a light sour fish curry flavored with spices like turmeric powder, ginger-garlic paste, green chillies and mustard oil is also one of the most popular dishes in Assam. This dish pairs well with plain white rice or jeera rice

Khaar, an Assamese specialty made from vegetables cooked in mustard oil along with powdered dry fruits like almonds or cashew nuts is another must-try dish in this region. Khaar can be served both as an appetizer or as a side dish to accompany other curries during lunch or dinner time.

Assam also has some unique sweet dishes like Pitha, which are made from fermented rice batter mixed with jaggery syrup and stuffed with coconut filling before being steamed in banana leaves. Another classic Assamese sweet dish is Payoxh, which consists of flattened balls made from rice flour filled with jaggery syrup and deep fried until golden brown. It can be served both hot or cold as an after-meal dessert

Assam has some unique flavors to offer when it comes to food that makes it stand out from other states in India – rich spices combined with locally sourced ingredients create delicious dishes that have been enjoyed for generations by locals and visitors alike!

Conclusion: The most famous food of Assam is the traditional Assamese Thali which includes steamed rice along with various accompaniments like dal (lentil curry), torkari (vegetable curry) , tenga (sour fish curry) , Til Pitha (sesame seed cake) , Masor Tenga(sour fish curry) , Khaar(vegetables cooked in mustard oil) , Pitha(fermented rice batter cake) & Payoxh(flattened balls filled with jaggery syrup). All these dishes make use of locally sourced ingredients combined with spices creating delicious flavors that have been enjoyed for generations by locals and tourists alike!