Which Is the Famous Food in Kolkata?

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, and is famously known as the ‘cultural capital of India.’ It is renowned for its rich culture and heritage, but it is also renowned for its amazing food. The entire city is filled with numerous eateries that offer traditional Bengali cuisine, but there are many other delicious delicacies available in Kolkata as well.

One of the most iconic dishes from Kolkata is Fish Fry. This dish consists of marinated fish fillets that are deep fried until crispy and golden.

It can be served either as a starter or a main course, and it has become a staple in Bengali households. The fish fry has been around for centuries and it is believed to have originated in the city.

Another famous dish from the city is Kati Roll. This street food was made popular by the Mughals who brought it to India during their reign.

A kati roll consists of various fillings like mutton kheema, paneer, or vegetables wrapped in paratha bread. It can be eaten either as an appetizer or a snack and can be found at many street stalls across the city.

Another popular dish from Kolkata is Luchi-alur Dom. This dish consists of deep-fried luchis (flatbreads) served with potato curry. It can be eaten as a breakfast item or as an accompaniment to lunch or dinner dishes such as kosha mangsho (mutton curry).

Kolkata’s culture also influences its desserts. Some of the most popular desserts from the city include Mishti Doi (sweetened yoghurt), Rasgulla (syrupy spongy balls made from cheese), Sandesh (sweet cream cheese), Ledikeni (a sweet pastry), and Payesh (rice pudding).


Kolkata offers some of the most unique and delicious dishes in India, including Fish Fry, Kati Roll, Luchi-alur Dom and various traditional desserts such as Mishti Doi and Rasgulla. All these dishes are popular among locals and have been enjoyed by people for centuries. Thus, it can be said that Kolkata has some of the best food in India!