Which US City Has the Most Michelin Star Restaurants?

When talking about fine dining, the Michelin Guide is one of the most respected ratings. Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants that serve world-class cuisine and provide an exceptional experience. But which US city has the most Michelin star restaurants?

The city with the most Michelin star restaurants in the US is New York City, with an impressive 118 starred restaurants. This includes three three-star restaurants: Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernardin, and Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. New York City has won the title of the “world’s most Michelin-starred city” for six consecutive years.

Another city with an impressive number of starred restaurants is San Francisco, California. With 63 starred restaurants, San Francisco has more than double the amount it had in 2008 when it first appeared on the list of cities with Michelin stars. San Francisco has two three-star restaurants: The French Laundry and Atelier Crenn.

Chicago, Illinois is also home to a large number of starred restaurants, with 50 establishments currently holding one or more stars. While Chicago doesn’t have any three-starred restaurants, it does have several two-starred establishments like Grace and Acadia.

Los Angeles, California is another city boasting a large number of starred eateries. With 25 starred restaurants, Los Angeles has been steadily increasing its presence on the Michelin Guide over the past few years. The city has two two-starred establishments: n/naka and Providence.

Other cities that boast multiple starred establishments include Las Vegas (14), Washington DC (8), and Boston (7). All these cities have one or more establishments that have been awarded one or more stars by the prestigious guide.

In conclusion, New York City holds the title for having the most Michelin Star Restaurants in America. It boasts 118 starred eateries while other cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and others also offer a variety of fine dining experiences that have earned them recognition from this esteemed guide.

The answer to which US City has the most Michelin Star Restaurants is clear – New York City. With an impressive 118 starred establishments, it holds far more than any other major American city. While other cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles also boast numerous stellar eateries, none can compare to New York’s impressive collection of top-rated venues.