Why Can’t I Buy Alpo Canned Dog Food?

Alpo canned dog food has been a staple in dog owners’ pantries for decades. The company’s pedigree-based recipes offer a variety of delicious meals for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. But what if you can’t find this beloved brand anywhere?

Alpo canned dog food is no longer being sold in stores due to changes in the company’s production process. In 2018, Alpo announced that it would be discontinuing its canned dog food line due to rising costs and the need to focus more energy on producing high-quality dry food recipes.

The decision to stop producing canned dog food was not an easy one for Alpo. The company had a long history of producing quality canned products, and many loyal customers were disappointed when the news was announced. However, despite the backlash, Alpo stands by its decision and continues to focus on providing high-quality dry foods.

What does this mean for pet owners who relied on Alpo’s canned products? Fortunately, there are still plenty of options available to provide your pup with quality nutrition. Many other brands offer comparable recipes in both wet and dry varieties that are just as nutritious as Alpo’s offerings.


It is unfortunate that pet owners can no longer purchase Alpo canned dog food, however there are still plenty of other brands offering quality nutrition for their beloved four-legged friends. With a bit of research, pet owners can find the perfect meal that fits their pup’s needs and tastes.