Why Did Gordon Ramsay Lost a Michelin Star?

Michelin Stars are a prestigious award given to restaurants that have achieved the highest level of culinary excellence. Gordon Ramsay, one of the most well-known and acclaimed chefs in the world, has been awarded numerous Michelin Stars throughout his career.

However, in 2019, he lost one of his Michelin Stars at his restaurant, Petrus in London. This was a significant loss for Gordon Ramsay and has left many people wondering why he lost the Star.

When examining why Gordon Ramsay lost his Michelin Star at Petrus, it is important to consider the criteria that restaurants must meet in order to receive or maintain their Star. According to Michelin’s standards, a restaurant must offer an exceptional cuisine with a “depth of flavors” that surpasses other establishments in its category. While Petrus had been successful for many years and had earned Gordon Ramsay numerous awards and accolades, it appears that it failed to meet these criteria in 2019.

In addition to meeting certain culinary standards, restaurants must also maintain certain service standards in order to receive or maintain their Michelin Star. According to reports from diners who visited Petrus during 2019, they experienced slow service and confusion as staff struggled with orders and menu items. As such, it appears that Petrus failed to meet these service standards set by Michelin.

The loss of a Michelin Star serves as an important reminder that even top chefs like Gordon Ramsay need to consistently strive for excellence if they want to maintain their high level of recognition and respect from diners and critics alike. While this may be a difficult task for any chef or restaurateur, it is necessary if they want to remain competitive in the world’s most competitive culinary markets.


Gordon Ramsay’s loss of a Michelin Star at Petrus is due to his failure to meet both the culinary and service standards set by Michelin. This serves as an important reminder for chefs everywhere that excellence should be constantly strived for if they want recognition from diners and critics alike.