Why Is Lucknow Famous for Food?

Lucknow, the city of nawabs, is famous for its rich culture, art, and craft. It is also known for its delicious and distinctive cuisine.

The Lucknowi cuisine has a distinct aroma and flavour which has been developed over centuries as a result of the influence of different cultures. The culinary tradition of Lucknow has been influenced by Mughal, Awadhi, Persian, Afghani and Turkish cuisines. This is why the food of Lucknow is so unique and special.

The most popular dish from Lucknow is “Kababs”. Kababs are made from minced meat that can be either lamb or chicken. They are marinated in spices and cooked on skewers over charcoal fire to give them a smoky flavour.

The other famous dish from Lucknow is Biryani. It is a rice-based dish cooked with spices, vegetables and meat. The other popular dishes from Lucknow include Galawati Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Seekh Kebab and Shami Kebab.

Apart from these non-vegetarian dishes, there are also some vegetarian dishes that have their origin in the city of Nawabs. These include Dal Moth (a blend of dal and moth beans), Bhujia (a deep-fried snack made with lentils), Aloo Gosht (potato curry with mutton) and Shami Kabab (a patty made with potatoes). All these dishes are cooked in pure ghee or clarified butter to enhance their taste.

The desserts of Lucknow are equally popular amongst locals as well as tourists who visit the city to savour its delicacies. Some of the most famous desserts from Lucknow include “Sheermal” (a sweet bread made with saffron & dry fruits), “Kulfi” (an Indian ice cream) & “Gulab Jamun” (deep fried milk balls soaked in sugar syrup).


Lucknow’s culinary tradition has been influenced by many different cultures over centuries which makes it unique & special. It is famous for its delicacies like Kababs, Biryani, Dal Moth & Sheermal among others that add to its charm & make it one of the most sought after cities for food lovers all over India