Why Is There a Shortage of Canned Dog Food?

It’s no secret that the demand for canned dog food has been on a steady rise over the past few years. With more pet owners opting for healthier diets for their furry friends, canned dog food has become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, this demand doesn’t seem to be matched by the supply, leading to a shortage of canned dog food in many places.

A major factor in the shortage of canned dog food is the fact that it takes much longer to produce than dry kibble. Canned dog food is made using a process called canning, which involves cooking and then sealing the food into cans or pouches.

This process takes much longer than making dry kibble and requires more resources, including specialized equipment and packaging materials. This means that there’s less of it being produced, resulting in a shortage.

Another reason why there’s a shortage of canned dog food is because there are fewer manufacturers producing it compared to dry kibble. Many companies that specialize in producing dry kibble don’t have the resources or expertise to make canned food. This means that fewer cans are being made, leading to shortages.

Finally, the cost of ingredients used to make canned dog food has also been on the rise due to higher prices for meat and other proteins used in these products. This makes it difficult for manufacturers to keep up with demand without raising prices, which can lead consumers to opt for cheaper alternatives like dry kibble.


The shortage of canned dog food is caused by multiple factors such as increased production time needed and fewer manufacturers making it due to specialized equipment and higher ingredient costs. These issues combined have led to an overall decrease in supply which has caused a nationwide shortage of canned dog food.