Why Is There No Pedigree Canned Dog Food?

Pedigree canned dog food is a popular choice among pet owners, but it’s not available as a canned option. There are several reasons why this is the case.

Manufacturing Challenges:

Canned dog food requires a different manufacturing process than dry kibble. It involves precise temperature control and sterilization processes to ensure that the food is safe for consumption.

This can be difficult to achieve with the equipment and technology available in many pet food factories, making the production of canned dog food more challenging.


Due to the added complexity involved in producing canned dog food, it tends to be more expensive than its dry counterparts. This makes it less appealing for budget-conscious pet owners, who may opt for dry kibble instead.


Dry kibble provides a balanced meal that meets all of a dog’s nutritional needs without requiring additional supplements or additives. Canned foods often contain higher levels of fat and protein than kibble, which can be beneficial for certain dogs but may not meet the dietary needs of all dogs.


Canned food requires refrigeration once it has been opened, meaning that pet owners must use it quickly or else risk spoilage. Dry kibble can be stored at room temperature and still remain viable for months at a time.


The complexity of producing canned dog food, its higher cost compared to dry kibble, its potential nutritional imbalance when compared to balanced dry meals and its short shelf life are all factors that contribute to why there is no Pedigree canned dog food on the market. While some pet owners may prefer wet foods over dry due to their texture or taste, there are other options available for those who want to feed their dogs wet foods without having to purchase Pedigree’s brand.