Will Canned Food Explode if Frozen?

Canned food is a convenient way to get a variety of foods without having to prepare them from scratch. Unfortunately, an interesting phenomenon has come to light in recent years: the possibility of canned food exploding if frozen. This can lead to a major mess in your kitchen!

The reason canned food may explode when frozen is because of the nature of canned goods. Canned goods are filled with liquid and air, which expands when frozen.

The pressure created by this expansion can cause the can to burst open and scatter its contents everywhere. This is especially true for cans filled with carbonated beverages or acidic foods such as tomatoes.

It’s important to note that not all canned goods are at risk of exploding if frozen. While some acidic foods, such as tomatoes, may be more prone to bursting, others such as beans and vegetables can usually be safely frozen without risk of explosion. It’s best to check the label on the can before attempting to freeze it.

What Should You Do if You Accidentally Freeze Canned Goods?

If you accidentally freeze canned goods, don’t panic! The best thing you can do is take the can out of the freezer and place it in a warm area until it thaws out completely. Once it’s thawed out, you should open the can carefully and discard any contents that may have been affected by the freezing process.


In conclusion, yes, canned food can potentially explode if frozen due to pressure created by expanding liquids and air inside them. It is important to check labels before attempting to freeze canned goods and take necessary precautions if freezing was accidental. Taking these steps will help you avoid a major mess in your kitchen!