Does Los Angeles Have a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant?

Los Angeles is one of the top culinary destinations in the United States, with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. But does Los Angeles have any restaurants that have been awarded three Michelin stars?

Michelin stars are a coveted award given out by the Michelin Guide, a series of books published by the French tire company. The guide began awarding stars in 1926, and since then only a select few restaurants around the world have achieved three star status. Three stars signify that a restaurant has reached an “exceptional cuisine” level, according to Michelin.

In California, there are only four restaurants that have achieved three star status: The French Laundry in Yountville, Manresa in Los Gatos, Quince in San Francisco and Benu in San Francisco. Unfortunately for Los Angeles foodies, none of these restaurants are located in Los Angeles.

However, there are some Los Angeles area restaurants that have been awarded two Michelin stars. Among them are Providence and Mélisse in Santa Monica; Spago Beverly Hills; Bestia and n/naka in downtown LA; Trois Mec and Petit Trois on Sunset Boulevard; Sushi Ginza Onodera on Wilshire Boulevard; and Patina on Grand Avenue downtown. These eateries all offer exceptional dining experiences for those looking for something special.

No, unfortunately at this time there is no 3 Michelin Star restaurant located in Los Angeles. While there may be some great dining options available with 2 Michelin Stars, foodies looking for the ultimate culinary experience will need to look elsewhere.