Does Mizumi Have Michelin Star?

Mizumi is a Japanese-inspired luxury restaurant located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The restaurant is renowned for its exquisite, modern Japanese cuisine as well as its attention to detail and service. With two levels of seating, Mizumi has a capacity of over 300 guests and offers sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, and tempura dishes.

The restaurant has an impressive wine list that features award-winning wines from around the world. Its signature dishes include the Mizumi Miso Soup and the Mizumi Robata Grill. The restaurant also offers an extensive list of cocktails that are made with traditional ingredients like sake, shochu, and sochu.

Mizumi has been awarded numerous awards for its high quality food and outstanding service. It was named “Best Asian Restaurant” by the Las Vegas Review Journal in 2019 and recently received a AAA Four Diamond Award for 2020. It was also named one of America’s Best Restaurants by USA Today in 2014.

So Does Mizumi Have Michelin Star?

The short answer is no – Mizumi does not currently have a Michelin star rating. The Michelin Guide is an annual guidebook that rates restaurants on a three-star system based on their food quality, atmosphere, and service. To receive one or more stars requires significant effort on the part of the kitchen staff as well as consistency in both quality and customer experience.

Mizumi has achieved great success due to its high quality food offerings and exceptional service but has yet to receive recognition from the Michelin Guide. Nevertheless, it remains one of Las Vegas’ premier dining destinations for those seeking an upscale experience.


Ultimately, Mizumi does not have a Michelin star rating but continues to be one of Las Vegas’ premier dining destinations due to its high quality food offerings and exceptional service.