Does Puerto Rico Have Any Michelin Star Restaurants?

Puerto Rico is known for its delicious cuisine, but many visitors to the Caribbean island nation may not know about its Michelin star restaurants. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Michelin stars are awarded by the Michelin Guide, a global restaurant guide that rates and reviews fine dining establishments. A restaurant that earns one or more of these stars is considered to be of excellent quality and worthy of special attention.

In Puerto Rico, there are several restaurants that have earned one or more Michelin stars. One of the most acclaimed is 1919 Restaurant at San Juan’s Hotel El Convento. This restaurant is run by chef Mario Pagan, who has been praised for his innovative approach to classic Puerto Rican dishes. His dishes are all made with fresh ingredients from local farms and fisherman.

The menu changes daily based on what is available on the island.

Another well-known Puerto Rican restaurant with a Michelin star is Marmalade in San Juan’s Condado neighborhood. Marmalade serves contemporary Mediterranean fare and has been recognized for its modern take on classic dishes. The chef here focuses on local ingredients and produces an ever-changing menu based on what’s in season each day.

Other Puerto Rican restaurants with Michelin stars include Dragonfly in Condado, Perla Restaurant in Rincon, and La Terraza de San Juan in Old San Juan. All three of these restaurants offer unique takes on traditional Puerto Rican fare and showcase the island’s culinary diversity.


It can be said without a doubt that Puerto Rico does indeed have some Michelin star restaurants that should not be overlooked when visiting this stunning Caribbean country! These restaurants offer some of the best food you can find anywhere in the world and are definitely worth checking out if you want a unique culinary experience.