Does Roy Choi Have a Michelin Star?

Roy Choi is an award-winning chef and restaurateur who has been credited with revolutionizing the Los Angeles culinary scene. He is the founder of Kogi BBQ, a Korean-Mexican fusion food truck that has become iconic in the city. Choi is also a New York Times best-selling author and creator of several restaurants, including Chego and A-Frame. He has also been featured on numerous television shows and magazines, including “The Mind of a Chef” and “Lucky Peach”. With all his accomplishments, one may wonder if Roy Choi has earned a Michelin star.

The answer is no; Roy Choi has not yet earned a Michelin star, though he has certainly achieved great success in his own right. While the Michelin Guide does recognize chefs for their achievements, the criteria for receiving a Michelin star are highly specific and difficult to meet.

To qualify for a star, restaurants must demonstrate exceptional cooking techniques, creative use of ingredients, stunning presentation, as well as overall value for money.

Despite not having achieved this accolade yet, Roy Choi still remains one of the most influential chefs in the United States. His restaurants have received numerous awards including Best New Restaurant by Esquire magazine in 2009 and James Beard Foundation Award Best Chef: West in 2011. His Kogi BBQ truck was also featured on Time magazine’s list of “50 Best Inventions” in 2010-2011.

In addition to his professional achievements, Roy Choi is also credited for changing the way people think about food trucks; he was one of the first chefs to recognize their potential to provide high quality meals on-the-go. He had an impact on how Los Angeles residents view street food by creating unique dishes with fresh ingredients that are both delicious and affordable.


Though he hasn’t achieved a Michelin Star yet, Roy Choi remains one of the most influential chefs in America thanks to his creative dishes made with fresh ingredients, as well as his innovative approach to running food trucks which revolutionized how people view street food in Los Angeles.