How Many 2 Star Michelin Chefs Are There?

2 star Michelin chefs are a rare breed of culinary talent, and they are highly sought after and respected in the culinary world. They have achieved an incredible level of excellence in their craft, and are recognized for creating exquisite dishes and experiences for their guests. There are only a handful of 2 star Michelin chefs around the world, and they are considered to be among the best in the industry.

In order to become a 2 star Michelin chef, one must demonstrate an exceptional level of skill and knowledge in both cooking technique and presentation. The chef must also be able to demonstrate innovation and creativity in their dishes, as well as an eye for detail when it comes to presentation. The Michelin Guide is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the culinary industry, so being awarded two stars from it is an incredible accomplishment.

The exact number of 2 star Michelin chefs is hard to determine as there is no official list or registry that records all of them. However, there have been estimates made by food critics and industry experts that place the total at around 200-300 chefs worldwide. This number has remained relatively steady over recent years, with new chefs being added each year as they achieve this high level of recognition.


There are approximately 200-300 2 star Michelin chefs around the world. These talented individuals have achieved an incredible level of excellence in their craft, making them some of the most sought after chefs in the culinary industry. Their commitment to producing exquisite dishes and experiences continues to be recognized with each passing year.