Is Indian Accent a Michelin Star?

The Indian Accent is a modern Indian restaurant located in London, England. It has become one of the most talked about restaurants in the city, and it is known for its unique take on Indian cuisine.

The restaurant has been awarded several awards, including a Michelin star and a Bib Gourmand. This indicates that the restaurant is highly rated by the famous Michelin guide, which awards stars to restaurants that have achieved an excellent standard of cooking.

The Indian Accent has been praised for its inventive use of spices and ingredients, as well as its innovative approach to traditional Indian dishes. The menu offers a wide range of dishes from all over India, such as tandoori salmon and pani puri (a type of chaat).

The restaurant also offers lighter dishes such as salads, soups and rice bowls. What’s more, the chef at Indian Accent also takes great care to use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Service at the restaurant is said to be outstanding, with attentive staff who are knowledgeable about each dish. The atmosphere at the restaurant is relaxed yet sophisticated, making it suitable for both casual meals or special occasions. All in all, it’s no wonder that the Indian Accent has earned itself a Michelin star.


Yes, Indian Accent has indeed earned itself a Michelin star for its outstanding food and service. Its creative approach to traditional Indian cuisine makes it stand out from other restaurants in London, and its commitment to using local ingredients shows that it takes pride in serving up high-quality dishes. With all these factors combined, there can be no doubt that this restaurant deserves its accolade.