What Is Brazil’s Famous Food?

Brazil is known for its diverse culinary influences and its wide variety of delicious food. From the exotic Amazonian cuisine to classic European dishes, Brazil has something to offer everyone. But what is Brazil’s most famous food?

The national dish of Brazil is Feijoada, a hearty black bean stew with pork, beef, and sausage. It is served with white rice, collard greens, and farofa (toasted cassava flour).

Feijoada is a popular dish all over the country and can be found in restaurants from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia. It’s also a favorite for large family gatherings and special occasions.

Another famous Brazilian dish is Churrasco, which translates to “barbecue”. This style of cooking consists of slow-roasting meats over an open flame or hot coals.

Churrasco usually includes beef or lamb, but can also include chicken or pork. The meats are seasoned with salt and served with rice and beans, fried plantains, and a variety of sauces such as chimichurri or vinaigrette.

Brazilian cuisine also incorporates lots of seafood due to its extensive coastline. Popular dishes include Moqueca (fish stew), Bolinho de Bacalhau (codfish fritters), Acarajé (black-eyed pea fritters), and Pão de Queijo (cheese bread). These dishes are especially popular in coastal cities like Salvador and Recife where seafood is plentiful.

Brazilian desserts are also worth noting. Some favorites include Brigadeiros (chocolate truffles), Quindim (custard tarts), Bolo de Rolo (roll cake filled with guava jam) ,and Beijinhos de Coco (coconut candies). These sweet treats are often served at parties or special occasions like weddings or birthdays.


Brazil has many delicious dishes that have been influenced by cultures from around the world — from feijoada to churrasco to brigadeiros — so it can be hard to pick just one favorite food from this colorful country. But no matter what your preference may be, you’re sure to find something delicious in Brazil!