What Is Netherlands Famous Food?

The Netherlands is known for its rich culture and unique cuisine. From its traditional dishes to modern interpretations of Dutch classics, the country has something to offer to anyone looking for a delicious meal.

Stroopwafels are one of the most popular desserts in the Netherlands. These thin waffles are made from two thin layers of dough with a layer of syrup filling in between. They can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert, and are often served warm with a dollop of butter on top.

Kroketten are another Dutch favorite. These deep-fried snacks consist of meat, vegetables or other fillings that have been rolled into cylindrical shapes and then breaded and fried until crisp. They are usually served with mustard or mayonnaise as a dip.

Poffertjes are small fluffy pancakes typically served at breakfast or as a snack. They are usually made from buckwheat flour and yeast, which gives them their light and airy texture. Poffertjes can be eaten plain, with butter and syrup, or with fruit like strawberries or bananas on top.

Stamppot is a traditional Dutch dish made from mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables like kale, carrots or onions. It is often served with sausage, bacon or smoked eel on top for an extra flavor kick. This hearty dish is perfect for cold winter nights when you need something comforting to warm you up!

Haring, also known as herring in English, is one of the most iconic Dutch foods. It is usually served raw with onions and pickles as accompaniments, but it can also be smoked or pickled for additional flavor. Haring is an acquired taste but it’s definitely worth trying if you’re feeling adventurous!


The Netherlands has a wide variety of delicious foods that visitors should try during their visit to the country! Stroopwafels, kroketten, poffertjes, stamppot and haring are just some of the famous dishes that you can sample while exploring this beautiful country!