What Is the Famous Food of Sri Lanka?

When it comes to Sri Lankan food, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Sri Lankan curry. It is one of the most popular dishes in the country and is made with a variety of spices, herbs and vegetables. The dish is typically served with rice or roti and can be enjoyed by itself or as part of a larger meal.

Sri Lankan cuisine is known for its intense spiciness and intense flavors. A typical Sri Lankan meal usually consists of a combination of rice, vegetables, meat, fish or seafood and spicy condiments. Curries are often prepared with coconut milk to add creaminess to the dish.

The popular Sri Lankan street food includes hoppers – thin pancakes made from fermented rice flour – as well as string hoppers (rice noodles). Other popular dishes include kottu roti (chopped roti) with vegetables and curries, samosas (stuffed pastries), pol sambol (coconut relish), and wattalapam (custard pudding).

Seafood is also widely consumed in Sri Lanka. Popular fish dishes include ambulthiyal (fish curry made with sour tamarind), fish ambul thiyal (dry-fried fish curry) and fried cuttlefish. Other seafood delicacies include prawns, crabs, lobster, squid and mussels.

Sri Lanka also has a variety of desserts such as coconut ice cream, kiribath (milk rice) with treacle or honey, dodol (jaggery syrup cake) and wattalapam (custard pudding).

In short, Sri Lankan cuisine offers an array of flavoursome dishes that can fill any appetite! From fiery curries to sweet desserts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to Sri Lankan food!

Conclusion: What Is the Famous Food of Sri Lanka? The answer is simple – The famous food of Sri Lanka is its curry! Combined with other local ingredients like coconut milk, spices and herbs; this dish has become an integral part of their culture over centuries.

Other local specialties like hoppers, string hoppers, kottu roti etc., add more flavor to their cuisine. Seafood like prawns and crabs are also widely consumed in this tropical country. Alongside these savory dishes are sweet desserts like wattalapam which complete a meal perfectly!