Where Can I Donate Canned Food in Wilmington NC?

Donating canned food to those in need is an incredibly noble and generous act. In Wilmington, North Carolina, there are several charities and organizations that will happily accept donations of canned food. Some of these include the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, the Good Shepherd Center, and the Salvation Army.

The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina serves a broad region covering 34 counties across eastern North Carolina. It is a non-profit organization that works to provide food to those who are in need.

Those who wish to donate canned food can do so at their main facility located on 1000 N. 23rd Street in Wilmington or at any of their other locations across the state. Donations can also be made online via their website.

The Good Shepherd Center is another non-profit organization located in Wilmington. The center works to provide housing, employment services and support for homeless people in the area. They accept canned food donations at their facility which is located at 811 Martin Street in Wilmington.

Finally, the Salvation Army also accepts donations of canned food for those in need in Wilmington. Donations can be dropped off at their location on 616 N. 4th Street or online through their website.

In conclusion, there are many great organizations and charities in Wilmington that accept donations of canned food for those who are less fortunate. For those looking to donate canned food in this area, they should consider donating to Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, Good Shepherd Center, or The Salvation Army.