Which Is the Famous Food of Germany?

Germany is a country known for its diverse cultures, music, art, and food. Germany has a range of traditional dishes that are popular both within the country and internationally.

Amongst all these dishes, one of the most famous foods of Germany is the Schnitzel.

Schnitzel is a classic dish that has been part of German cuisine for centuries. It is made from thin slices of veal or pork, coated in breadcrumbs or flour and then fried in butter or oil until golden brown.

The dish can be served with potatoes or other starchy sides like spätzle or potato salad. It is also commonly served with a sauce such as mushroom sauce, lemon juice, tartar sauce or sweet-sour sauce.

Schnitzel is not only popular in Germany but can also be found in other countries across Europe. In Austria it is known as Wiener Schnitzel, while in Italy it is called Cotoletta alla Milanese. It has become so popular that it can even be found in fast food restaurants outside of Europe.

Another well-known dish from Germany is Currywurst. This popular street food consists of steamed then fried pork sausage which is sliced into pieces and topped with curry ketchup and curry powder. It can be served with French fries, bread rolls or pita bread.

Germany also has a variety of breads and pastries that are popular throughout the country including pretzels, Brezeln and Berliner Pfannkuchen (Berlin-style donuts). These are often served with different spreads such as jam, honey or Nutella.


Germany has many delicious dishes to offer but the most famous food from this country would have to be Schnitzel. This traditional dish has been around for centuries and continues to be enjoyed by people all over the world today.