Does Minetta Tavern Have a Michelin Star?

Minetta Tavern is one of the most iconic restaurants in New York City, and it’s been around since 1937. The restaurant is known for its classic French-American cuisine, which has been a favorite of locals and tourists alike for decades. But does Minetta Tavern have a Michelin star?

The simple answer is no, Minetta Tavern does not have a Michelin star. Despite being a popular restaurant in the city, it has never been awarded one of the prestigious stars given out by the Michelin Guide. While some may wonder why, it’s important to understand what goes into earning a Michelin star.

In order to be awarded a Michelin star, restaurants must meet certain criteria set by the guide. These criteria include factors such as quality of ingredients used in dishes, consistency in cooking techniques, and overall level of service provided by staff. Restaurants that meet all of these criteria are then eligible for a star rating from one to three.

Although Minetta Tavern has become an iconic restaurant over the years, it still falls short when it comes to meeting all of these criteria set by the Michelin Guide. For instance, some critics have noted that the overall quality of ingredients used in dishes at Minetta Tavern is not up to par with other restaurants that have earned stars from the guide. Additionally, there have been complaints about inconsistent cooking techniques employed at Minetta Tavern that do not live up to what is expected from Michelin-starred restaurants.


Ultimately, Minetta Tavern does not have a Michelin star due to its inability to meet all of the criteria set forth by the guide. Despite having become an iconic restaurant in New York City over the years, its shortcomings when it comes to ingredients and cooking techniques prevent it from achieving this level of recognition.