How Many Michelin Star Restaurants Are in Brooklyn?

Michelin star restaurants are some of the most prestigious and sought after dining experiences in the world. The Michelin Guide awards stars to outstanding restaurants based on their cuisine, service, and overall quality. Brooklyn, New York is home to a number of these highly-acclaimed eateries.

In terms of Michelin-starred restaurants, Brooklyn offers a truly diverse selection. There are some classic fine-dining establishments such as Le Bernardin, which has been awarded three Michelin stars since 2005.

For something more casual, there’s Al di La Trattoria in Park Slope, which has been a one-star recipient since 2006. There’s also the two-starred Franny’s and the one-starred Saul, both located in Prospect Heights.

Brooklyn is also home to some of the most innovative and creative chefs in New York City. For example, Chef Marc Forgione has been recognized with two Michelin stars for his restaurant American Cut, while Chef Dale Talde has won one star for his eatery Talde in Park Slope.

In addition to these well-known Michelin star restaurants, there are also plenty of other excellent dining spots throughout the borough. Williamsburg is home to Aska, which was awarded two stars in 2016; Dumbo boasts the one-starred Vinegar Hill House; and Carroll Gardens’ Battersby has been a one-star recipient since 2012.

Overall, Brooklyn is an exciting destination for food lovers looking for unique and memorable dining experiences. With so many amazing restaurants and chefs creating incredible dishes every day, it’s no wonder why it’s become such an epicenter for culinary excellence.


Brooklyn is home to many highly acclaimed Michelin star restaurants ranging from casual bistros to fine dining establishments with multiple awards. In total there are seven Michelin star restaurants located in Brooklyn including Le Bernardin (3 stars), Al di La Trattoria (1 star), Franny’s (2 stars), Saul (1 star), American Cut (2 stars), Vinegar Hill House (1 star) and Battersby (1 star). These establishments offer diners an array of delicious dishes that showcase why Brooklyn has become an epicenter for culinary excellence!