How Many Restaurants in Sacramento Have a Michelin Star?

Sacramento is a vibrant and diverse city that offers a wealth of culinary options. The city boasts an array of restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining and everything in between. But how many of these eateries have achieved the coveted Michelin star?

What is a Michelin Star? A Michelin star is the highest accolade that can be awarded to a restaurant by the renowned Michelin Guide. It is an internationally recognized mark of excellence that demonstrates an eatery’s commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. The guide itself is comprised of restaurants from around the world, and each one that receives a star has earned it through rigorous inspections conducted by anonymous Michelin inspectors.

What Restaurants Have a Michelin Star in Sacramento? Currently, there are no restaurants in Sacramento with a Michelin star. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great places to eat in Sacramento. Many local eateries have earned high praise for their innovative menus and top-notch service.

Other Accolades for Restaurants in Sacramento:

Though no establishments in Sacramento have achieved the coveted Michelin star, several have earned other high honors. Ella Dining Room & Bar, Magpie Cafe, and The Kitchen all earned spots on OpenTable’s list of 100 Best Restaurants in America for 2019. In addition, Ella Dining Room & Bar was also awarded Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for its impressive wine list.


At present, there are no restaurants in Sacramento with a Michelin star; however, several local eateries have earned high honors from other organizations such as OpenTable and Wine Spectator. While these awards may not be as well-known as the coveted Michelin star, they still serve as testament to the quality of food available in Sacramento’s diverse culinary scene.