How Many Restaurants in the US Have a Michelin Star?

Michelin stars are the highest accolade in the restaurant industry, with only a select few establishments in the US earning this prestigious rating. But just how many restaurants in the US have a Michelin star? The answer is actually quite small.

Michelin started its star-rating system in 1926 in France, and since then it has become the gold standard for fine dining. To earn a Michelin star, restaurants must demonstrate excellent cooking techniques, service, ambiance and concept. The process of selecting restaurants to receive stars is highly secretive and conducted by anonymous inspectors who visit each dining establishment multiple times before making their decision.

Currently, there are only 129 restaurants across the US that have earned one or more Michelin stars. Of those 129 establishments, seven have earned three stars (the highest possible rating), 17 have earned two stars and 105 have earned one star. These restaurants can be found in 22 states plus Washington D.C., with California having the most Michelin-starred restaurants (25) followed by New York (24) and Illinois (14).


There are very few Michelin-starred restaurants in the US; currently only 129 establishments across 22 states plus Washington D. have been awarded one or more of these prestigious accolades. The majority of these establishments have earned one star; seven have been awarded three stars while 17 have achieved two stars.