What Is Famous Food in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is India’s third-largest state by area and second-most populous state. It is well known for its rich culture, traditions, festivals, and of course, its food! With its long coastline and lush scenery, the state has some of India’s most delicious dishes.

One of the most famous dishes from Maharashtra is Vada Pav. This humble snack is made with a deep-fried potato patty sandwiched between two slices of pav (a type of Indian bread). It is usually served with a spicy chutney made from garlic, ginger, chilli powder, and tamarind paste. Another popular dish that originated in Maharashtra is Misal Pav. It is a spicy curry made with sprouted lentils and served with pav.

Bhakri, a type of flatbread made from either millet or jowar flour is also very popular in Maharashtra. It is usually served with a variety of accompaniments such as curries or vegetables like onions, garlic and chillies.

Pithla Bhakri is one such dish where the bhakri is cooked into a thick gravy.

Maharashtra has an abundance of seafood due to its long coastline which runs along the Arabian Sea. The most popular seafood dishes are Bombay Duck Fry, Prawn Curry and Fish Thali which consists of fish curry along with rice and accompaniments such as fried papadum or chutneys.

Another popular dish from Maharashtra that has become quite famous throughout India is Kolhapuri Chicken Curry. It originated in Kolhapur district in western Maharashtra and consists of chicken cooked in a fiery red chilli sauce along with spices such as cumin seeds, coriander powder and garam masala.

Finally no discussion about famous food from Maharashtra would be complete without mentioning Pav Bhaji! This delicious street food consists of spicy mashed vegetables (bhaji) served with buttery pav buns on the side.


Maharashtra has an incredible variety of delicious dishes to offer! From Vada Pav to Kolhapuri Chicken Curry to Pav Bhaji – there’s something for everyone here! Whether it’s street food or a home cooked meal – you can find some truly unique flavours in this vibrant Indian state!