What Is Louisville Famous Food?

Louisville is a city that is chock-full of culinary delights, and its famous foods are no exception. From classic dishes like the Hot Brown and Derby Pie to more modern takes on traditional favorites, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

The Hot Brown is a Louisville staple. A mix of turkey, bacon, and tomatoes smothered in a creamy Mornay sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese, it’s an open-faced sandwich that can’t be missed. It was created at the historic Brown Hotel in 1926, and it’s been served there ever since.

Derby Pie is another Louisville classic. The nutty, chocolatey dessert is made with pecans or walnuts, chocolate chips, and Kentucky Bourbon. While Derby Pie was created by the Kern family at the Melrose Inn near Louisville in 1950, it has become a favorite dish throughout the area.

Burgoo is another popular dish that hails from Louisville. Burgoo is a thick stew made with beef, pork, chicken or mutton along with vegetables like potatoes and corn. It’s often served over rice or cornbread and is frequently used as an ingredient in other dishes such as pot pies or casseroles.

Pimento Cheese may not be native to Louisville but it has become popular throughout the city due to its delicious flavor combination of mayonnaise, sharp cheddar cheese, cream cheese and pimentos. Pimento Cheese can be served as a dip or spread on sandwiches or crackers – making it an excellent addition to any meal!

Country Ham Biscuits, while not from Louisville specifically, are a favorite snack throughout the area due to their savory taste and crunchy texture. This biscuit sandwich consists of salty country ham between two fluffy biscuits – sometimes combined with melted cheese for an extra layer of flavor!

These are just some of the famous foods that make up Louisville’s culinary landscape – there are many more dishes to discover!

From sandwiches to desserts to stews – every bite will leave you wanting more. No matter what your tastes may be – whether sweet or savory – you can find something delicious in this city full of flavor.


Louisville is known for its unique cuisine which includes classic dishes like the Hot Brown, Derby Pie and Burgoo as well as more modern takes on traditional favorites like pimento cheese and country ham biscuits. With something for every taste bud – sweet or savory – you can find delicious food around every corner in this vibrant city!