Who Is the Youngest Michelin Star Chef?

The youngest Michelin star chef is a title that has been held by many young chefs over the years. This prestigious award is given to the best restaurants in the world, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve this honor. It is not only a symbol of excellence in cooking but also a statement of one’s commitment to their craft.

The first-ever youngest chef to receive a Michelin star was French chef Alexandre Gauthier in 2004 at the tender age of 25. He held the title for many years, until he was surpassed by just two years by Italian chef Massimiliano Alajmo who achieved his star at 23. Since then, there have been several chefs who have achieved this honor at such a young age.

In 2017, German chef Florian Favario became the youngest-ever recipient at 22 years old. He received his star for his restaurant La Belle Epoque located in Berlin. He had worked for 10 years as an apprentice before opening his own restaurant and eventually earning his Michelin star.

Chef Favario is not alone either. There are other chefs who have become very successful despite their young age. For example, Spanish chef Marta Seco earned her first Michelin star at 24 and Italian chef Giuseppe Iannotti earned one at 25.

Other notable youngest chefs include Italian chef Riccardo di Giacinto (21), French chef Adeline Grattard (24) and Dutch chef Jonnie Boer (26).


As we can see, there are many successful young chefs who have achieved this prestigious award despite their age. With hard work and dedication, they all have managed to reach their goals and make an impact on the culinary world. The youngest Michelin star chef title is one that has been held by many talented individuals over the years.