Does Estela Have Michelin Star?

Estela is a restaurant located in New York City and has been highly acclaimed for its delicious, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. Since opening in 2012, the restaurant has received numerous accolades, including being named one of the best new restaurants in America by Bon Appétit magazine. But one of the most sought-after awards for any restaurant is a Michelin star, and Estela has been the subject of much speculation as to whether or not it will receive one.

The Michelin Guide is widely recognized as the gold standard for restaurant ratings. A single star from the guide can mean huge success for a business, as it brings with it prestige and an influx of customers. Many restaurants strive to obtain a Michelin star, but only the most exceptional establishments are awarded one.

Estela certainly meets all of the criteria for a Michelin-starred restaurant. The food is creative and flavorful, and diners rave about the atmosphere and service.

The chef, Ignacio Mattos, is highly experienced and well respected in his field. He has worked in some of the finest kitchens around the world and has been praised by some of the top chefs in America.

There have been rumors that Estela will receive a Michelin star in the near future, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Despite its many accolades, Estela has yet to be recognized by any major guidebook or award program. It remains to be seen if Estela will be able to join the ranks of other elite restaurants with a coveted star.


At this point it’s unclear whether or not Estela will receive a Michelin Star, though many believe that it deserves one due to its excellent food, atmosphere and service. Only time will tell if Estela can join the ranks of other elite restaurants with this coveted award.