How Many Michelin Star Restaurants Are in Paris?

Paris, the city of love and culture, is home to some of the best Michelin Star Restaurants in the world. With over a hundred years of experience, the Michelin Guide has become one of the most renowned and respected authorities on fine dining. Many of the world’s top chefs have cooked in these restaurants over the years, creating culinary masterpieces that can only be found in Paris.

The Michelin Guide currently lists 130 Michelin Star restaurants in Paris. This number is growing steadily each year as more restaurants open up and receive their coveted stars.

The majority of these restaurants are located in the city center, with a few located on its outskirts. These restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines; from traditional French dishes to innovative international flavors.

Of all these Michelin Star restaurants, 14 have been awarded three stars; meaning that they are considered to be “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey” according to Michelin guidelines. These include L’Ambroisie, Guy Savoy, Pierre Gagnaire and Le Cinq at Four Seasons George V Hotel.

The two star category includes 64 establishments; offering food which is “worth a detour” according to Michelin standards. These include some well-known names such as Le Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower and L’Astrance.

Finally there are 50 one star restaurants, which provide food that is “a very good restaurant in its category” according to Michelin reviewers. These include popular spots such as La Tour d’Argent and Galvin La Chapelle.

Paris has an impressive array of 130 Michelin Star Restaurants ranging from one star up to three stars; 14 establishments have been awarded three stars for their exceptional cuisine. With so many award-winning eateries to choose from, it’s no wonder why Paris is one of the best cities for fine dining experiences!