What Food Is Saint Louis Famous For?

What Food Is Saint Louis Famous For?

Saint Louis is a city in the US state of Missouri, famous for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant culinary scene. From the classic American fare served at the iconic St. Louis Arch to the unique dish of toasted ravioli, Saint Louis has something for everyone.

The Gateway City is home to some of the most beloved dishes in America, including gooey butter cake, St. Louis-style pizza, and the iconic Provel cheese. Gooey butter cake is a classic dessert that consists of a yellow cake with a cream cheese-based topping that is usually served with powdered sugar on top. The origins of this treat are still debated today, but it’s believed to have originated in the 1930s at a bakery in south St. Louis.

St. Louis-style pizza is another beloved dish in Saint Louis, made with thin crust and topped with Provel cheese and various toppings like mushrooms or sausage. This style of pizza was developed in the 1950s by Italian immigrants who had moved to St. Louis in search of a better life. The Provel cheese blend was created specifically for it by local Italian immigrant Efren “Chef” Alfonso who wanted to create a unique flavor that would set his pizzas apart from those elsewhere in America.

Toasted ravioli is another one of St. Louis’s signature dishes, typically filled with beef or pork and served with marinara sauce. This type of ravioli was first created by an Italian immigrant back in the 1940s when he accidentally dropped some ravioli into hot oil while working at his restaurant and discovered it was delicious! Nowadays it’s commonly found throughout restaurants and bars all over Saint Louis as well as being served up at festivals throughout the year like Italian Fest and International Fest.

Saint Louis also has a variety of other delicious food offerings such as gooey butter cookies, fried ravioli, slingers (a dish consisting of fried potatoes topped with chili), Ted Drewes frozen custard (a popular frozen dessert), BBQ ribs, pork steaks, fried chicken wings, schnitzel sandwiches and more! With so many amazing dishes to choose from there’s no doubt that Saint Louis will continue to be known for its amazing cuisine for many years to come!

Conclusion:Saint Louis is famous for its unique dishes such as gooey butter cake, St. Louis-style pizza topped with Provel cheese blend and Toasted Ravioli which were created by Italian immigrants settling into this city during different points in history offering their own take on traditional American fare resulting in an exciting culinary scene today!